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Original Art - Sharon Tesser Textile Mosaics

Choosing art for your personal space is a special opportunity. It is that rare moment when you choose to identify how you want your home to make you feel and understand that your home reflects who you are and what you value. There is nothing more gratifying as an artist than meeting a person who finds my work meaningful and chooses to invite my work into their home or office. 

This online art gallery is an adventure for your senses. You will find I have a vast selection of subjects as well as colors. The art I create is what inspires me, people, places, and color stories. It is an aggregate of who we are, where we’ve been, what we think about and what brings joy.

Here’s what I would ask you if we were standing together in front of a piece of art you were considering for your space. Does it make your heartbeat faster? Are you feeling an emotion and want to be in that emotional place as you start your day? Did it make you smile? Does it bring back fond memories?

In my experience there is a lot of art available that is emotion neutral; when you see it you feel nothing. That is the opposite of my goal as an artist. I aspire to create art that brings joy. If it doesn’t brighten your day just to see it, then you will know this is not the piece for you. 

As a storyteller, my greatest goal is to draw you into the experience of life’s small moments.  Fabric, pattern, texture, and dye are my vocabulary. All my images are generated as original drawings from a well-loved sketchbook.  Recycled and vintage fabrics are my palette. Every image I create is a glimpse into the small moments of our collective humanity.

Perhaps we have met in person as I’ve traveled literally coast-to-coast since 2012 showing my artwork.  I’ve been honored to be the featured artist at several art fairs and won best of category and best of show numerous times and locations.  Click on the "Fine Art Website" link above for information regarding details of my resume, publications and awards.

About Size - approximate framed size is quoted.  "In setting" photos may not indicate exact frame, size or proportion. Please check for actual size and frame description in the text with each image.

About Color and Texture - cameras and screens do not duplicate color exactly.  The texture of textile mosaic work is almost completely lost in photos.  If you have seen my work in person you know the depth, motion and texture is vivid and obvious.  First time seeing my work?  You will be amazed at the beauty, depth and complexity achieved using fabric that just does not show through in photos.

About Price -   I have adjusted prices on many of the pieces during this time. It is a gesture to make the purchase of original artwork more accessible to all who would like to make an investment in their home and an acknowledgement of gratitude for supporting artists during this difficult time.

Shipping - shipping (usually through FedEx) fee is added LAST at checkout and is based on size, weight and price of art.  Shipping cost is $75 for items $1 - $950, $125 for items $951 - $1,750 and $175 for $1,750 and up in "lower 48" only.  Please contact us if you are outside the "lower 48 states" or international for a quote. Allow 7 - 14 for art to arrive.

Can I make a piece just for you?  Click here to read about how to commission art.

Questions - email me using the link on either website or at and I will happily answer all your questions.

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